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For Sale : Former St Peter’s Church | Former St Peter’s Church , Goytre Road , SA13 2YG

Size: 73.36 m2 (789.6 ft2)|Price: £20,000

Property Details


The subject property is situated in Goytre, Port Talbot on the corner of Goytre Road and East Street, approximately 2 miles east of the town of Port Talbot.

The surrounding area comprises mainly of residential properties. It is located less than 1 mile from the M4 Motorway to the south west.


The subject property comprises a purpose-built church. The building is not listed. The church was built and opened circa. 1915. The construction comprises raised timber floors, timber frame clad with corrugated metal sheets under a timber pitched roof clad with corrugated metal sheets. The accommodation briefly comprises an entrance porch, leading to a congregation area. There is a raised timber stage to the rear of the main room.








The freehold interest is available with vacant possession.


All figures exclusive of VAT, where applicable.


The two stained glass windows and bell are excluded from the sale and will be removed from the property.



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As a registered charity (registered charity number: 1142813) our client is required to obtain best value in all disposals of property in line with the provisions of the Charities Act 2011 and to ensure that terms are endorsed by a chartered surveyor as being in accordance with the Act. The quoted asking price is a guide and interested parties should submit the best offer they are prepared to make.  In accordance with our client's charitable status, the property may remain on the open market until exchange of contracts; our clients reserve the right to consider any other offer which is forthcoming.

Freehold Sale of Former St Peter’s Church, Goytre – Purchaser’s Covenants

The property shown edged red on the plan must not be used for:

  • Manufacture, distribution or sale of alcohol.
  • Religious use.
  • Immoral, sacrilegious, offensive or noisy purposes; use for the occult or psychic mediums; use as a club or any use which may cause nuisance or annoyance to the vendor; weddings.

The property must cease to be called St Peter’s Church and must not be called by any name that is associated with its use as a church or the dedication ‘Peter’  .

If the property is sold to another party (the acquiring party), the purchaser will enter into a contract with the acquiring party and the Representative Body to the effect that the acquiring party will accept and uphold the covenants contained in the original conveyance and incorporate the same clause in the terms of any contract with any successive purchaser.

The purchaser will be responsible for meeting surveyors and solicitors’ fees or any other reasonable costs incurred as a result of any variation, licence or contract relating to any of the above conditions.


The property was conveyed to our client on 28 October 1947.  The Charges Register on the property’s Land Registry title (CYM437451) refers to restrictive covenants and the reservation of rights within this conveyance.  A copy of the Charges Register is available upon request.  To summarise the restrictive covenants are as follows:

‘The Purchasers and the persons deriving title under them will not convert into use or occupy the purchased property any part thereof or permit the same to be converted into used or occupied as a club or for the purpose of the trade or business of a vintner distiller brewer tavern-keeper alehouse-keeper beer-seller spirit-vendor tallow-melter or soap-maker or for the purpose of a public slaughter house or for the trade of a slaughterman nor use or permit the purchased property or any art thereof to be used for the burning of bricks or clay or any other obnoxious or offensive trade nor do or permit thereon any act or thing which may give rise to a public or private nuisance or cause injury or annoyance to the Vendors or other owners of the Margam estate or their tenants.’


Former St Peter’s Church

Goytre Road


SA13 2YG

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