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Gill Bain

Property Manager

  01792 479835


Having started working for RJ Chartered Surveyors in March 2018, I quickly realized that this is a very friendly company to work for.  Everyone gets on in the office and I’ve had lots of support from the team as I have settled into my role as Property Manager.

The focus of my work is to ensure that each property is well-managed, and that day to day issues are dealt with quickly and efficiently.  I meet and brief contractors when needed, check the quality of work done and am the main point of contact for owners of the properties I look after.

I have lived in Glasgow and London, but I have a much better quality of life here in Swansea. It’s a small city with beautiful beaches and lots of things to do.

I like to think that I have lots of spare time, but I don’t! When I do have time, I enjoy cycling and try to get at least 50-100 miles in per month over the summer period.

Other members of the Residential Block Management Team include Rowland Jones, Lisa Williams, Robert Griffiths and Helen Rees.

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